Manaka style needling

Dr Manakas yin yang channel balancing therapy

Dr. Manaka was a Japanese MD who started to practise acupuncture in the 1930s. After only a few years he was renowned for his original thinking and innovative approach to medicine.

He spent much time researching and testing the premises of the classical texts of acupuncture and became well known, not just as a great clinician, but for his work with polarities: using north and south magnets, paired needles made of zinc and copper, silver and gold, and various devices he invented along the way such as ion pumping cords and electrostatic adsorbers.

By the 1950s he had devised a flexible 4-step acupuncture protocol for root and branch treatment, using the principles he developed in his research. Manaka treatment uses a vast and versatile repertoire of techniques with very precise diagnostic methods to monitor their effectiveness.