Moxibustion is a technique as versatile and powerful as needling. It involves burning a herb called mugwort or artemesia to warm up the acupuncture points or meridians. Moxibustion techniques are divided into direct and indirect methods.

Direct moxa techniques involve placing a cone of moxa directly on the skin and lighting the top. The cone is quickly removed when you begin to feel the heat. These cones can vary in size from quite large; about the height of your little finger nail to tiny cones which look like pieces of thread.

Indirect moxa techniques involve burning the mugwort away from the skin. This can involve a moxa stick or ‘cigar`, moxa on the end of a needle or Meridians` own signature treatment, burning the herb inside a piece of bamboo and pressing on the skin with the warm bamboo.

All these moxa techniques have different therapeutic effects but the general indication for moxibustion is for chronic problems which need more dynamic treatment than simply needling the acupuncture points. . Another indication is when a person is very weak and needs more energy, in the form of heat to be fed into the meridian system through the skin.