“Meridians’ goal is to promote vibrant good health using non-invasive, pain-free, traditional Japanese healing arts. All Meridians staff abide by the British Acupuncture Council Code of Ethics and Safe Practice.”

Meridians senior practitioner Oran Kivity graduated in 1987 from the International College of Oriental Medicine in the UK after a three-year full-time course. He ran a successful acupuncture practice in London from 1987 to 2004 and completed further postgraduate studies of acupuncture in Europe, China and Japan, qualifying in Toyohari Japanese acupuncture in 2000. He lectured in acupuncture at Westminster University in London from 1994 to 2004.

In 2005 he relocated to Kuala Lumpur. A member of the Federation of Chinese Physicians and Acupuncture Associations of Malaysia (FCPAAM), he has practised in Kuala Lumpur since his arrival and together with co-founder Bill Deng, opened Meridians in July 2011. Outside Japan, Oran is the only Toyohari practitioner in Asia.

Meridians director and co-founder Bill Deng studied journalism in Taiwan and the USA. He worked for the BBC World Service in London till 2003. After setting up Do Different Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia in 2005, he studied anatomy and physiology at Pacific Spa Academy in Kuala Lumpur. He first trained in Shiatsu in 2006 with the renowned British teacher Graham Crisp, founder of Ki Kai Shiatsu School in London. In 2008 he did further intensive study in Tokyo with Master Susumu Kimura at the Kimura Shiatsu Institute. Bill was amazed by the subtlety and depth of Shiatsu, not only because it is so different from other forms of massage in its concepts and techniques but because it treats on a much deeper level, at the level of Ki. This has strengthened his resolve to introduce it to Malaysia in its genuine form. Together with Oran Kivity, Bill opened Meridians in Kuala Lumpur in 2011.

Ian Jin Yap is a mind-body coach and therapist who specialises in creativity, humour and self-nurture. Drawn to be a guide and coach from an early age, he studied Life Coaching with Dr. Martha Beck. His focus is to help people find health and happiness through gentle creativity, so that they can live a life they value. With a Bachelor of Arts specialising in communication and writing, he now brings his abilities to Meridians to make holistic care simple and easy to understand. Ian offers Singing Bowl Healing at Meridians, integrating this with his knowledge of breath work.

Hedwig the clinic cat found her way into the world of Japanese traditional healing through a storm drain in 2006. She has been a much loved and sought after member of the reception team ever since. For those visitors to the clinic with cat allergies or cat phobias, Meridians has cat-free treatment rooms and she can be happily barred from the public areas for the duration of your visit.